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Modular Construction - Mechanical Engineering Services

Serving the Modular Construction Community since 2007


Need Help with Mechanical Design for a Modular Building? Call (385) 276-4669

Licensed as a PE in: UT, TX, CA, FL, AZ, MT, WA, KS, ID, NM

Mechanical System Design

Load Calculations - sometimes, you just need equipment sizing. Send us blueprints, and we'll tell you what size equipment is needed, along with the supporting calculations, that code officials want to see. 

Zoning and Duct Layouts - Most hot and cold calls are the result of poor zoning. A little strategic planning, properly sized duct runs, correct thermostat placement, and balancing dampers can eliminate most customer complaints - or make them much simpler to fix.

Air Balance Calculations - If your project will require an air Test and Balance (T&B), we can calculate the CFM of each room or diffuser. 

Labs, Clinics, and other Complex Systems

Designing a lab with pressure requirements is uniquely challenging - especially for modular buildings.  However, we have designed dozens of these buildings. 

Our design will consider air balancing, pressurization, minimum ventilation requirements, and other considerations needed for a complete, and properly operating system. We provide supporting documentation to ensure the design fully complies with the customer's requirements.


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