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Modular Construction HVAC
Reducing Service calls 

Why Design Matters

Zoning, Loads, and Dampers

Service calls, such as hot and cold complaints, can erode a project's profits. Many such calls could be avoided through proper design. 


Zoning refers to grouping rooms by their cooling requirements, such as putting all west-facing rooms on one unit, all east-facing rooms on another, and interior rooms on yet another unit. Large rooms with intermittent loads, such as conference rooms or training rooms may require a dedicated unit as well. (On small buildings, this is not always possible.)

Load Calculations

Many designers depend on experience, rather than calculation, to estimate duct and diffuser sizes. Having an engineer calculate the loads reduces the likelihood of improperly sized ducts. Once loads have been calculated a tool such as this one helps to appropriately size equipment. 


Installing balancing dampers in takeoff collars greatly increases the ability to change a system's air balance if actual loads are different than expected. 

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